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2013 European Gathering in Greece: 8 July - 7  August 2013!
Sisters and Brothers in Greece, thanks for your clarity!!
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European Gathering in Portugal, August 2011.
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Dear Family. Dates remain the same!

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Dear Family in Greece.
Circle at the European Gathering in Portugal, August 11.

Dear Family in Greece, thanks for your clarity! Today, this message came in from Anemos:

Namaste dear European Family,
We met in a circle with open heart, great respect and trust to the Rainbow ways. The decision of the greek family is to respect the consensus of the European Family and not change the dates of 8th July to 6th August for the European gathering 2013. We are also happy to say that more brothers are joining in and continue the scouting; all found sites as well as new ones will be revisit and monitored closely. Our humble intentions are to have a great site for a beautiful gathering for the whole family to remember, to heal and celebrate on this planet.
By phone, I spoke Philip, another brother who was at the same Circle. He has confirmed this message.
For updates, keep a watchful eye at this page.
The exact location will not be published at this web page. If you want to know it, please, subscribe to:
  • CircleLetter - brief summaries of news, views and visions in the Rainbow Family by e-mail;
  • and/or: "European" - e-mail forum especially for organising and evaluating European Gatherings.
Respectfully yours,


Dear Family in Greece.

This message I am writing to you in the hope that you are having a fruitful
Circle right now. I wish I would have been able to join you now round the fire.
I even looked at possibilities to join you a few days ago, but it is
impossible to buy a payable ticket at such a short notice. So, I share here a
few thoughts that might be useful in your reflections.

It has become clear to me that it will be impossible for you to decide
something that will really satisfy everybody. I am not scouting, so I do not
want to tell you what to do. All I can do is share with you what need to be
taking into account when deciding. However, the final decisions need to be
taken by those who are taking care for scouting.

Several sisters and brothers whose messages I read, count on the planning
agreed upon last year in the Vision Council: the European Gathering in Greece
from new moon July till new moon August. Some amongst them even already have
bought plain, train or boat tickets taking into account that planning. I know
also that one native American chief wants to come to the European Gathering -
however he can only do so in July.

Others strongly prefer August - they would be happy with a change of planning.

With respect to the bee issue: this is simply something to accept and live
with. I have met them and several other insects during every summer travel in
Southern Europe and elsewhere.

Another thing you might consider: the cleaning up of a European Gathering area
will take about 2 weeks anyway. According to the original planning, the
European Gathering would finish 6/7 August. The next full moon, 21 August is
just 2 weeks later. If we would stay with a lot of Family to clean and heal
the area, we could ritually finish the cleaning period with one more full moon
celebration. Then, we could leave briefly afterwords. By doing so, we can both
stick to the original planning and satisfy those who like August.

Now, I am coming to the end of this letter. My humble advise to you:
+ give clarity on the DATE/ PLANNING today or tomorrow;
+ consider sticking to the original planning;
+ consider stimulating more Family to help cleaning by planning a 2nd full
moon celebration at the 21st of August;
+ take a bit more time for scouting if necessary;
+ if you really need to change the planning, tell this now and explain why.

OK, my Friends - thanks for reading this message. I wish you much Wisdom. Good
sweet dream night, καλή νύχτα!

Respectfully Yours,

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European Rainbowgathering Forum
European Gathering in Portugal, August 2012

From now on, a new forum is available at this domain, The forum is meant to facilitate communication about:
  • the evaluation of the 2012 European Gathering in Slovakia as well as of previous European Gatherings;
  • the organisation of the 2013 European Gathering in Greece;
  • other events covered by Vision Council consensus, notably the Grow Camp meant to cultivate vegetables for the European Gathering;
  • other subjects  relevant for the whole European Rainbow Family.
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