From Max Taoartiste, France.

Rainbow :-) Europe in 2014 - visualisation & map.

Invitation for the 2014 European Rainbow Gathering - web version.

This is a part of a map at Wikipedia:

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2014 European Rainbow Gathering in Romania, 26/7 - 25/8.

A vision for the European Rainbow Family.

A vision from Neptune Smith that has come in at the 5th of July 2014.

At the 5th of July 2014, Neptune Smith has sent to me, in my own simple words, a summary of the general mood he has felt at the Vision Council in the European Rainbowgathering in Greece, in August 2013.

Neptune's summary contains an interesting vision. I have decided to share it here.

Bas G. Roufs, Utrecht, NL, 5 July 2014.

Hello my dear family!

It´s Rainbow time again.

With all the local Gatherings happening, then the European and World Gatherings in Romania and Hungary, I feel this is a very special time for the Gatherings to shine in love and consciousness raising.

I am meeting many people who are feeling inspired to go and many who feel they need to be there, all with their own missions. Last year we visioned a new Vision for the European Rainbow Family: consensed with full power and in just 3 days of talking.

I share this vision with you all as an inspiration that we may vision more powerfully each year we meet. This vision of the family was consensed not as something static and fixed but with the awareness that it will need to constantly evolve as the family evolves and our consciousnesses rise. So here it is, in all it´s beauty.

The Rainbow Family of Living Light warmly invites all brothers and sisters from all places on Mother Earth to join together in universal love to celebrate the beauty of life.

We recognise the need for gentleness, kindness and to be in service and thereby raising the vibration of compassionate love which we give to ourselves, each other and this paradise on which we live; Mother Earth.

We recognise that we are One, that the Divine consciousness is in each of us and our vision is to fully feel and live this one love and one consciousness as a family.

We recognise that these are times of great change, globally and individually. We are seeking enlightenment. We are looking for ways to reconnect with ancient wisdom traditions. We come together with the vision of the Rainbow in our hearts, creating infinite possibilities to materialise heaven on Earth.

We trust in love.

Much love Family. Together we achieve bigger miracles.

See you in 5 minutes.
Hug, Neptune.

Light a candle for and with the scouts.

Bas G. Roufs has taken care for the latest version here at the 10th of July 2014.

Scouts who recently contacted me, are looking for a suitable place for the 2014 European Gathering in Transylvania and one other region in Romania. They need support and practical help from the Family.
Photo from Bas G. Roufs, Easter - 19 April 2014.

Message from the scouts in Romania, 24 June 2014.
Subject: call for love - European Rainbow 2014 Romania.

Hello family, we need help.
We invite you to be part of scouting mission for the European Rainbow 2014 by sending us clear focus, luck and love to find the most magical place for the sacred fire in Romania. We wish that all the Rainbow Family light a candle and focus the rainbow energy to guide us to land the love here.

We have a PROBLEM getting vehicles and accessing places we want to visit. We have ten days left; seedcamp starts as soon as we find the land.

One love, one light.
Thank you we feel your love & see you soon :).

Scouting circle for the European Rainbow Gathering:

European Rainbow Gathering in Romania: 27 July - 25 August 2014.

Bas G. Roufs has taken care for the latest version here at the 16th of August 2014.

The European Gathering is alive, kicking and still going on. There is much new info available about the location and the way to it. If you mail to the findway address, you will get a clear overview of possibilities to get the info you need.

Permaculture meeting in Southern Bulgaria, 25-27 July.

Bas G. Roufs has taken care for the latest version here at the 10th of July 2014.

Late June, an invitation came in for EuPC 2014, a gathering of permaculture teachers, designers and students: 25 - 29 July, near the Lake Batak, Rhodopi Mountains, Southern Bulgaria, close to the Greek border & the location of the 2004 European Rainbow Gathering. At this moment, I am not yet sure whether I will attend it. However, I am considering to do so, if I do manage to arrange travels from my place to that conference and from there to the European Gathering.

For health and practical reasons, I consider using my trekking bicycle for certain smaller parts of the travel - in order to get a better physical condition after 2 years of illness.

I am wondering whether I can meet one or a few others somewhere on the way from Utrecht to the Lake Batak and/or from there to the European Gathering in Romania - with a view to continuing the travel together.

From practical point of view, a (partly) common travel might be possible in two different scenario's.

In case both you and I end up travelling by bike & train, we could meet at e.g. some station and continue together from there.

If, in a 2nd scenario, there is enough place in your car(s) for both me and my bike :-), I can simply join you somewhere.

If you can imagine travelling with me to Bulgaria, or from there to the Gathering in Transylvania, contact me please via: E., Mob./SMS +31 6 446 835 10.

If we meet somewhere in The Netherlands, Belgium or nearby Germany, I might cycle in that angle of Europe from my place until some place where we arrange to meet.

Another good place to meet could probably be somewhere near the bicycle way along the Danube.
I am considering to cycle one ore few days along the Danube on the way to or from Romania/ Hungary, if practical circumstances allow me to do so. (Not sure about it yet.)

Donauradweg - bike path along the Danube.

Bas G. Roufs has taken care for the latest version here at the 10th of July 2014.
The Donauradweg is a bike path along the river Danube - from it's spring in Germany to the Black Sea Cost in Romania. I am considering to follow a certain (small) part of it during one or a few days: until some point where I can embark into a train or a friend's minibus/ car, together with my bike.

I am considering to do so with a view to further building up my condition. For those who also consider to do (a part of the) travel by bicycle, this European Bike path is relevant until Budapest. After Budapest, the Danube makes a sharp curve in southern direction; but Transylvania, N.W. Romania, is east of the Hungarian capital.
For the European Bicycle Path along the Danube, Wikipedia is a good starting point:

The Danube Bike Path in English;

Donauradweg - in German;

Donauradweg - in Dutch.

E. World Gathering in Hungary, 25/8 - 24/9.

2014 World Gathering in Hungary: 25/8 until 24/9.

Bas G. Roufs has taken care for the latest version here at the 2nd of July 2014.

The 2014 World Gathering in Hungary will be from 25 August till 24 September. Seed camp has started. Are you at that seed camp? Please, send your information to:

The location is clear now. If you mail to the findway address, you will get a clear overview of possibilities to get the info you need.

If you are preparing the 2014 World Gathering, you can also use the European Gathering Forum for coordination and organisation.

There is no information yet about the exact location; soon as possible after receiving it, directions to that gathering will be available via:

CircleLetter Briefing, and/or ....;

European Rainbow Gathering Forum.

Are you scouting for the 2014 World Gathering in Hungary? Please, feel free to share your news at the European Gathering Forum. News messages there are only visible for members of that forum. Those who are taking care for this website,, respect the consensus NOT to publish location details openly on the web. More about this: click here.